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Cayuga Speedway's Future - April 2007 Update
Posted: April 28, 2007

On April 7, CanadianRacer.com visited the Canadian Motorsports Expo in Toronto. At the show I had a chance to talk to Eugene Croken who was manning the Cayuga Speedway Park booth. I took the opportunity to find out what was happening at the track.

Readers of this site will remember this article from last summer when the new Cayuga owners held a press conference to announce their plans for the track. Since that time, the management of Cayuga have been seeking feedback from fans and drivers for their thoughts on the future of Cayuga. This feedback has been instrumental in forming the future plans for the Speedway.

Firstly, the overwhelming message from fans and drivers was not to change the character of the track itself. This means there will no major changes to the length, width or banking of the speedway. Cayuga will remain a 5/8 mile oval for a long time to come. This length is a good balance to allow the widest variety of racing series to compete. It can accommodate local classes such as Thunder Cars, Legends and Vintage Mods but still be a good size for Super Modifieds and everything in between.

This doesn't mean that Cayuga will stay stagnant though. Plans are on the drawing board that will implemented over the next ten years or so. The huge, all-at-once plans have been modified and changes will be made in phases. This is a better approach for the fans because there would not have been a 2007 season under the original plans.

The immediate plans for 2007 include a rodeo arena, a motocross track and an off-road racing track. The request to build these facilities has been submitted to the town council for approval. The rodeo arena is slated for the area beyond turn 4 of the oval. The motocross and off-road tracks are being built at the north-east corner of the property.

Farther in the future will be a road course incorporating a drag strip. The road course will be a multi-config layout with the largest track configuration being 2.5 - 3.0 miles in length. The timeline for the road course / drag strip is approximately 2009-10. It will be located on the east side of the property, just behind turn 4 and the back straight of the oval.

Future plans also include a go-kart track and ATV / snowmobile trails. A pool is being added to the camping area.

Plans are in place for grandstands that will surround the track from the back straight, through turns 3-4 and connecting to the existing grandstand. Total capacity in the future will be 80,000. Turns 1-2 will be have a muti-tiered structure called the Convention Centre. Once all this is in place, it will necissitate the building of a bridge to access the infield.

One of the most interesting, non-racing related items in the plans is the installation of four wind turbines to supply power to the track. The intention is to be completely energy self-sustaining.

The 2007 season at Cayuga Speedway Park starts on May 19-20 with the Fan Appreciation Weekend. Admission is free. There will be demonstrations of the cars from the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, Ontario Legends and Open-Wheel Modifieds. The first race will be on Saturday May 27 with the opening event of the new NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. The Cup Lites series will also be on hand.