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Wasaga Beach Speedway

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Wasaga Beach, ON


Years in Operation: 1956?-1970

Name History:

Track Configurations:
1/4 mile paved oval

Points Champions: (please note - for tracks that are still operating, the more recent years may not be updated regularly)
1964Late Model Ross Howes
1965"B" Modified Jerry Reevers
1965Late Model Jack Cook
1966B Class Tom Cuzzilla
1966Late Model Norm Lelliott
1967B Class Tom Cuzzilla
1967Diamond Gerry Reever
1968Diamond Rick Batters
1968Modified Burt Smith
1969Mini Doug Sutton
1969Modified Pete Harvey
19706 Cylinder Diamond Grant Broome
1970Modified Danny Kemp
1970Powder Puff Sharon Agar